Your Personal Brand’s First Website: An Outline To Success

Press Play To Begin Your Journey

Natasha will join you on your journey through creating your personal brand’s first website. By the end of the episode, you will have an outline of what to include in your new digital home and the tools you need to launch your site – from design to tech, start to finish. Whether you are an entrepreneur or a professional, you must own your name online and be investing in your piece of digital real estate. Owning your name online means you control your online narrative, reputation, and image. Having a website allows a woman of your caliber to showcase your brilliance, leading to an increase in your brand’s awareness, establishing your authority, and solidifying your credibility.

Personal Brand Website

Getting started

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Your host is the land upon which you build your digital home. Websites are hosted/stored on computers called servers. You need to host your site on servers that are safe and reliable.

Your domain is the address of your website. This website represents your personal brand; use the name you want to be known by - ie. natashalucia.com or themariagaviria.com

Your CMS (content management system) is the structure of your digital home. This is where you will manage your site and content. Wordpress.org offers the best capabilities.

Time to get your creative juices flowing! Your theme is the decor of your digital home. Our favorite themes here at Aspen & Oliva are the elevated design from the team at FloThemes.








The five essential fundamental pages that your iconic personal brand's website should have to succeed.

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