Subtle Body Language Skills To Elevate Your Communication

Subtle Body Language Skills To Elevate Your Communication

Subtle Body Language Skills To Elevate Your Communication

Seven is said to be the number of completeness. It also happens to be both of our founders’ favorite number. Did you know people will form an impression of you within the first seven seconds of meeting you? Yes – you have seven seconds to captivate someone, and in those seven seconds, your non-verbal cues have the potential to influence not only perception but also behavior. There aren’t too many words you can get out in less than seven seconds, but fortunately, you can significantly elevate your personal brand by implementing subtle body language skills. Your body language alone will speak to your leadership, confidence, empathy, trustworthiness, and personality. If you want to impact and drive an iconic brand, you’ll need to be self-aware and in control of your body movements. We’ve highlighted some of our favorite subtle body language skills to elevate your communication below:

Elevate Your Communication

Sweep Them Off Their Feet

Reflection of interest

The direction in which you point your feet is a tell-all sign of where your interests lie. Be sure to point to feet forward and toward the person with whom you are speaking to show that you are interested and engaged in the conversation. The direction you point your feet will unconsciously cue if you're interested in the person in front of you or are interested in walking out the door.

Delight In Comfort

An atmosphere of trust

A slight tilt of the head is worth a thousand words. A subtle tilt to the side signals "trust." Why? Because when you tilt your head, you expose a vulnerable part of your body - your neck. If you tilt your head while speaking, the person listening is more likely to trust what you are saying. If you tilt your head while listening, the person speaking will feel comfortable in being open to sharing their thoughts.

Keep It Simple

the rule of one

Simple is beautiful. CoCo Chanel reminds us to always take off one thing before leaving the house - she is right. People who have more than one item in hand when speaking to someone or when at an event, are perceived to be disorganized and chaotic. Be sure to limit yourself to one bag or purse, check your coat at the door, and keep your hands free to appear confident, organized, and in control. For more on personal style, listen to our podcast episode: 'Curating An Iconic Personal Style'.