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My Iconic Year

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This is your moment - Your moment to architect and master your most iconic year ever. Join aspen & Oliva, a premier personal branding agency, on a 5-day journey to cast your vision for the new year, learn to live like an editor, architect your moments of encounter, refine your moments of experience, and master an iconic year.

The Workshop

Personal Branding Online Course Aspen & Oliva

Are you ready to make 2022 your most iconic year ever? Team Aspen & Oliva is pulling back the curtain on our signature Iconic Personal Branding program and guiding you through a 5-day journey that will set you and your personal brand up to win in 2022.

During this 5-day workshop, you'll learn what you need to do to show up, what skills and passions to spotlight, and how to master your personal brand to make 2022 your most iconic year ever.

After reserving your seat, you'll receive access to a member's only hub. Beginning on December 20th, each day, we'll release a new module containing video and audio lessons, as well as exclusive digital resources to elevate your journey. Because it is the Christmas season, we may deliver some extra special bonus gifts (shhh).

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Iconic Personal Brand Podcast

the workshop

Is This For Me?

Before we tell you about the workshop,

let's talk about who this is really for...

You're a high-achiever with no shortage of ambition. You know you have a grand purpose to live up to - you are certainly driven to meet it. As you enter the new year, you have a strong desire to live intentionally and with purpose; however, you feel overwhelmed with so many opportunities presented to you at the moment. What is the best path for me? Where is that space that my skills and passions meet? How can I best live out my God-given talents? Which direction should I pursue? Where do I need to "play to win"? Don't worry; we've got you. By the end of these five days, you'll have a clear vision of where to go and what decisions you need to make. Our team wholeheartedly believes in you! We understand the pressure that comes with being a high-potential / high-achieving person. Our mission is to ensure that you step into 2022, stepping out of your way, feeling confident, motivated, inspired, and excited to impact the world in the ways that you are meant to impact.

The Agenda

Cast a vision

day one

Many of us set new year's goals, only to find that we can’t even remember what they were in a few short months. Why is that? It’s because we set the goals without a vision. Vision is what ultimately gives life to your goals. Vision is what guides your actions and decision-making, delivers clarity, provides direction, champions successes, propels you through struggles, and serves as your catalyst to iconic living. Together we’ll cast a vision that aligns with your unique purpose and desires.


live like an editor

day two

Pour yourself a cup of coffee and find a place of inspiration because today is all about unlocking your creativity. Have you ever thought of yourself as an editor? Guess what - you are the Editor-In-Chief of your life. Today, you’ll receive an intimate look into our founder’s curatorial approach to lifestyle design and learn how you can live out the same daily strategies that positioned her as an authority of premier branding. We love bonuses here at A&O so today, we thought we'd drop an exclusive bonus where you’ll learn how to create an epic vision board.


Architect Your Moment Of Encounter

day three

Have you ever come across someone who has captivated you from the second you encountered them through their presence, choice of words, maybe even visual elements on their digital platforms? You have one opportunity to win your moment of encounter and captivate with impact. Today we’ll unveil the essential elements of architecting your unique moment of           encounter that will effortlessly showcase your authentic self and highlight the gifts that you have to offer.


Personal Branding Online Course Aspen & Oliva

Refine Your Moment Of Experience

day four

There is no place where the value of you is more evident  than through a refined moment of experience. After you win the moment of encounter, people begin to experience who you are more profoundly. Today we’ll take a deep dive into refining the essential elements that make you an icon in today’s world. You will enter the new year with a clear understanding of how to articulate who you are and who you aspire to be in every dimension of your life.


Master Your Most Iconic Year Ever

The Iconic Personal Brand Academy

day five

You’re ready to win your moments of encounter and experience! Before you tie the final bow on 2021 and start living your most iconic year, we need to create a roadmap. At Aspen & Oliva, we’re all about the action-by-action steps! Don’t worry, we never leave you hanging. On this final day, you’re going to create a crystal clear roadmap for 2022 that will serve as your go-to guide, ensuring that you’re always driving towards your vision and mastering your moments.



Hi there friend,

Can you believe that we are about to welcome 2022?! With the new year approaching, this is the time when you can make the intentional and conscious decision to create opportunities for yourself - opportunities that impact. There has been no better time than right now to show up and shine a spotlight on your gifts, talents, and personal brand. Listen, the world needs you and needs what you have to offer. Your unique blend of skills and passions is no coincidence - you were created for this moment in history.

No pressure, right? Don't worry my friend, during our five days together, we'll unveil where it is that you need to show up, what to spotlight, and how to master your personal brand in order to make 2022 your most iconic year ever. I have never believed more strongly in your potential and the impact that your personal brand can have than I do at this very moment.

See you inside the workshop! All my best,


I cannot wait to meet you and welcome you inside the 'My Iconic Year' workshop! 2022 is your year to thrive, live with purpose, master your God-given talents, and transform your unique narrative into a high-quality, high-performing, iconic personal brand.

Natasha Lucia Lovely, MSW, MBA

CEO + Founder

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30% of all proceeds from the 'My Iconic Year' workshop will be donated to Guadalupe Roastery's mission of championing and empowering coffee farmers in Nicaragua, Colombia, and Africa to support themselves, their families, and communities.

My Iconic Year

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