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Natasha Lovely, founder, and CEO of Aspen & Oliva, shares the story of Aspen & Oliva, a premier personal branding agency. In this episode, Natasha takes you through her journey from therapist to personal branding expert and agency founder. Natasha also shares how her partnership with former corporate executive, Maria Gaviria, led to establishing an iconic personal branding agency. Your personal brand deserves to be iconic – here, we create iconic personal brands and lifestyles.

Natasha and Maria spent a year solely dedicated to integrating, developing, refining, and validating their expertise to craft a signature personal branding framework specific to high-achieving women. A framework centered around the two most iconic encounters one will have with your personal brand – the moment of encounter and the moment of experience. Aspen & Oliva’s signature Iconic Personal Branding framework was developed to enable you to refine and evolve your high-quality and high-performing personal brand, as well as craft a winning strategy to grow your brand awareness and monetize your brilliance.


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