Choosing A Content Platform To Showcase Your Personal Brand

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Content is your road to creating and nurturing lasting relationships with your audience. Content is what establishes trust and authority in your niche, where you provide highly impactful and highly influential value to your sphere of influence and where your iconic self shines. In this episode, Natasha Lovely journeys with you to explore three different content forms that you can create to elevate your personal brand in the digital world. As a high-achieving, high-potential woman, you need to be thinking about your digital presence and how you are showcasing our valuable intellectual property online. After listening to this episode, commit yourself to create at least one new piece of content every week through one of these media forms.

By creating digital content you are expanding your moment of encounter to reach others who, without the internet, wouldn’t have otherwise encountered your brand. Creating digital content also enhances your moment of experience when people cannot be with you in person. Your iconic personal brand needs to provide another avenue for others to engage with you, learn from you, consume your value, and be captivated by your brilliance.

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Blogging is a wonderful platform to begin your content creation journey, grow, master, and evolve. Use your blog to showcase your original content through articles, white papers, pieces of training, guides, templates, etc. Your creativity can shine when it comes to how you publish your content, whether it's through traditional blog posts, series, or as an ebook. It's important to remember to remain consistent with your publication. Aim to publish one new piece of content every week so that search engines recognize you as a valuable and active presence in the cyber world. Host your site through Siteground and use Wordpress.org as your platform. When it comes to designing your site, we love Flothemes.

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Video is powerful, and its popularity only continues to grow! Video is the most engaging way for you to showcase your personality to your audience and win both the moment of encounter and the moment of truth at the same time. Because people can see you, they can more easily connect with you by seeing your face, expressions, gestures, and eye contact with you as they are receiving your brilliance. If you are comfortable being on camera and are willing to learn some basic editing skills - video is a content creation method. Video also expands your potential for exposure and growth as you can reach a wider audience. Start by producing and creating a weekly series, embedding it onto your blog, and posting it to YouTube. Pro tip: Post your transcripts to your website to amplify your search potential (Google can't watch your video but, it can read your transcript).









Audio is entering center stage! If you communicate best through conversation, now is the perfect time to dive into creating a podcast. Audio is highly accessible and very intimate. People listen to podcasts during walks, while they're cooking, in the car - this opens the door for you to infuse yourself into your listeners' daily habits so that you too become a natural part of their lifestyle. Audio experiences are very personal and can root an authentic and valuable relationship between the creator and listener. Pro tip: Repurpose your content by posting your transcripts or show notes on your website as a blog post.

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