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Aspen & Oliva Personal branding for profession women and entrepreneurs

We are devoted to guiding entrepreneurial and professional women to architect, refine, and master their iconic personal brand experience, ensuring that their brand effortlessly transcends into all areas of their lives.

At Aspen & Oliva we promise you a premier personal branding experience that will elevate your lifestyle into an iconic experience for you and others. Our approach to personal branding extends beyond the visual elements of your brand and focuses on the two key moments where your personal brand creates the greatest impacts - the moment of encounter and the moment of experience. We begin your personal brand journey by architecting an unforgettable brand

encounter. Together we create an effortless and unparalleled narrative through your brand presence, communication, and performance. We proceed by refining an impactful brand experience, discovering your brand essentials, enriching your brand strength, and elevating your leadership style. Before tying the final bow on your iconic personal brand, we coach you to masterfully articulate and live the value of your brand by crafting a value-based and results-oriented personal brand strategy.

Maria Gaviria, MA

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Natasha Lucia, MSW, MBA

executive Chairman & Founder

Ceo & Founder

Maria Gaviria Personal Branding
Natasha Lovely Aspen & Oliva

With candor, conviction, and wisdom, I take my experience in business and human development to enable and accompany individuals to be iconic!

Driven by an entrepreneurial and creative spirit, I purposefully integrate my expertise as a therapist and storytelling marketer to create iconic personal brands.

The Iconic Personal Branding Process

Aspen & Oliva Iconic Personal branding for profession women and entrepreneurs

Architect the moment of encounter

The first moment of truth is when an individual first encounters you - when they first encounter your brand. This is the moment when they decide whether or not to pursue an ongoing engagement with you based on how they view you, what they hear from you, and how they are captivated by the unique skills and gifts you offer. You only get one opportunity to win your first moment of truth; you must get it right. Together we'll architect a mesmerizing first moment of encounter by effortlessly showcasing your unique self and portray an authentic you.


Aspen & Oliva Iconic Personal branding for profession women and entrepreneurs

Refine the moment of experience

The second moment of truth is the moment of experience. This is the moment when an individual experiences you in a more profound manner. There is no place where the value of you will be more evident than the second moment of truth. The experience of you begins with establishing the unwavering essentials of who you are, transcends into sound judgment in determining actions, and into the pursuit of distinction in business, family, and community life. Winning this moment implies the inception of a transformational relationship - conquering one person at a time for a common good.


Aspen & Oliva Iconic Personal branding for profession women and entrepreneurs

master your brand value

Now is time to strategize. Winning the moment of encounter and the moment of experience leads you to a value-based and results-oriented brand. What do you do with that epic value, that iconic personal brand? This is where strategy comes in. Together we'll craft a personalized and winning strategy that involves the mastery of two key outcomes - growing your brand awareness and monetizing your brand. Whether you are an entrepreneur or working within a business (large or small), your personal brand strategy matters. By empowering you to architect, refine, and master your personal brand, our goal is that you reach your greatest aspirations and achieve the grand accomplishments that you've set your heart and mind on reaching.


Live an integrated life of mind, heart, soul and personal brand




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Natasha, almost a fashion designer, found her purpose as a clinical therapist at two of the world's leading hospital systems and later began her entrepreneurship journey as a brand therapist and digital marketer. She spent the early years of her career refining a mastery combining her love and expertise of design and people to create a beautiful marriage of passion and skill. Natasha has built an extraordinary portfolio extending from branding individuals to marketing campaigns with corporations such as Procter & Gamble, Marriott Hotels, Zappos, and Serena & Lily. Her own thoughtful and curatorial approach to a lifestyle led to her positioning as an authority of premier authentic branding.

A mentor and coach icon, Maria's leadership roles with billion-dollar brands shaped her mentoring and coaching approach. An extraordinary career journey at Procter and Gamble formed her business acumen in Marketing, Technology, and Human Resources and refined her innate talent and ability to accompany, develop, and inspire individuals. A lifestyle anchored by her faith, Maria is a force for good, leads with impact, and instills ingenuity. A peek at some of her awards give you an insight into her depth and breadth of who she is: 'Most Profitable Business Initiative of the Year"; "Consumer Insights Innovation of the Year"; "Coach of the Year"; "Champion of Mercy"; "Caregiver Award: 2020 Pandemic". With her marketing skills transcending from products to organizations to people, Maria is now solely dedicated to her passion, personal branding.

During a daily walk they take together, Natasha approached Maria to join forces and expand Natasha's current practice to transform it into a personal brand agency. Maria immediately jumped to the opportunity to combine Maria's business acumen and people development mastery into one holistic concept. Together, Natasha and Maria spent a year developing, integrating, refining, and validating their expertise to craft their signature personal branding framework to enable others to launch their own high-quality and high-performing personal brand.

Aspen & Oliva is the product of unparalleled expertise in iconic branding, a deep passion for guiding others in their pursuit of goodness and greatness, and a wealth of business and lifestyle experiences.

What's in the name? Aspen and Oliva's name is a celebration of your God-given talents and a tribute to the olive branch, a symbol of peace and abundance. Oh....the dog! Like every good story, ours involves a husky puppy named Aspen who often likes to jump in on brand meetings.

Aspen: God-given talent

Oliva: Peace and abundance

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Like every good story,

ours involves a dog

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